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Phare® Protect gives you remote, 24/7 access to any datapoint from any home – from security status to climate information to occupancy level and more. And not just data from Phare® either: Protect collates data from other smart home devices, serving as the control room for your entire portfolio.


Phare® protects your against losses large and small, including fires, water leaks, mold growth, and break ins.

Tenant satisfaction

With Phare®, tenants have peace of mind: the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their homes are safe and healthy for themselves and their families.

A window into your portfolio.


Stop losses before they start.

Phare® is the fire alarm that actually works – detecting fires at their earliest stages before they cause damage. But its protection doesn’t stop there: its suite of sensors also guard against mold growth, break-ins, and water leaks.

Safer tenants are happier tenants

Smoke alarms are removed or disabled in 55% of rental properties. Why? Loud false alarms. Annoying low battery beeps. Alarms that don’t go off for fires but do go off for almost anything else.

Phare eliminates false alarms and low battery beeps. It monitors device status and tests itself regularly to ensure that, once it’s installed, it stays installed to keep your properties and your tenants safe.
No false alarms
Indoor air quality monitoring
Self-charging backup battery
Peace of mind

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