Peace of mind never looked so good.

Phare® protects your home and your health so you can breathe easy.

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No more false alarms.

We use a proprietary combination of cutting-edge sensors and AI to detect fires up to a minute earlier than traditional alarms, while reducing false alarms by 98%.

Anytime, anywhere.

With Phare®, you’re informed and in control. It connects to smart home ecosystems including Apple Home, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa to ensure that you always know what’s happening in your home.

Seamless installation.

Getup and running in minutes instead of hours: setting up Phare® is quick, simple, and frustration-free. Phare® comes with a mangetic base that you can easily install where your current smoke alarm is placed.

Never change a battery again.

Phare® wires directly to your home’s electrical system, meaning no more low-battery beeps or battery changes. And if there’s ever a power outage, its self-charging backup battery has you covered for days.

Air Quality Monitoring to stay healthy and productive.

Phare® uses the same chemical sensors used for fire detection to monitor the air in the room and help you keep it healthy. Air quality impacts your sleep, health, productivity and wellbeing, so Phare® gives you tailored insights on what to do about it if it falls below optimal levels.
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