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Protect 1 home. Or 100,000.

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The smoke alarm that actually works.

55% of smoke alarms in rented homes are disabled or removed.1
And it’s easy to see why: traditional smoke alarms miss 40% of fires2 and have an 89% false alarm rate.3
Phare® detects fire early and accurately.
It spots fires up to a minute earlier than traditional alarms and reduces false alarms by 98%. And, once Phare® is installed, it stays installed: tampering and removal detection ensure that your properties are always protected.

Catch intruders early – and prevent them from staying.

Evicting squatters can take 6 months or more.4
Often armed, intruders cause thousands of dollars in property damage, threaten neighbors, and result in months of lost rent.
Phare® spots squatters early and drives them away.
Using multivariate privacy-safe occupancy detection in tandem with glass break sensing, it detects intruders the moment they enter, sounding an alarm to drive them away and notifying managers instantly via Phare® Protect.

Leak detection that looks out for the entire home.

Water damage accounts for 23% of all property loss.5
Every year, 1 out of 60 homes will experience a water leak, costing an average of over $12,000 per incident.
Phare®’s water meter expansion kit protects the whole home.
Unlike traditional “spot” water leak sensor, our expansion kit looks for leaks at the meter, using AI to spot flow abnormalities that indicate leaks, no matter where they occur.

Get the climate just right.

Climate control accounts for 60% of home energy usage.6
And it’s not just about energy: a well-controlled climate is essential to prevent frozen water pipes, warped floorboards, mold growth and more.
Optimize home performance with climate data.
Phare® relays real-time climate data via Phare® Protect to help reduce running costs and prevent property damage, especially when homes are vacant.

Healthy homes. Happy tenants.

Indoor air is 2 to 5 times dirtier than outdoor air.7
Household air is filled with invisible pollutants – VOCs, carbon monoxide, mold, and more – that impact wellbeing, impair cognition, and shorten lifespan.
Phare® doesn’t just protect the home – it also protects the people inside.
It stands watch against CO2 accumulation, carbon monoxide, VOCs, mold growth, and more to keep residents healthy and happy.
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7 Source: Environmental Protection Agency
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